About Valois

Welcome to Valois where you "See your food.” Valois is one of the oldest cafeteria style restaurants in the United States and it was established in 1921 by French Canadian William Valois. Since then Valois has flourished in three successive locations under three different owners. The current ownership has owned Valois since 1971, and it has been passed on from generation to generation.

We take pride in serving large wholesome meals made from natural ingredients and served to the customer in a timely manner at a reasonable price. Valois is not your ordinary restaurant but it's an experience you must see to truly understand the Valois concept.

We are located in the heart of Hyde Park by the University of Chicago. Many great minds, scholars and politicians have passed through Valois to enrich their appetite with a great meal while attending the University.

Next time you're in the neighborhood stop by Valois to "See Your Food" as it's prepared and to feel the Valois experience.

Dive into the bold flavors of our signature steak paired with eggs—fuel for the go-getter in you!

Fries done right—add a dash of ketchup for that perfect, zesty kick!

Stacked high and sweetened just right—our pancakes with jelly are a feast for the senses!


“Excellent breakfast. The Denver with potatoes and links is one of my favorites. I visit this place at least once a week. It is NEVER a disappointment.”

-Olivia T.

“I love coming here on saturdays with family. The food is cheap tastes amazing. They are always consistent and have never had an off day. The staff here is very friendly. ”

-Che R.

“Their food is always fresh and prepared right in front of you. Very tasty! The omelet was very flavorful and amazing! I definitely recommend this to all of my friends! ”

-Terrance E.

Barak Obama

“Awesome spot for breakfast! even Obama loves it there. ”

-Desmond A.



6 AM-3 PM

Phone Number

(773) 667-0647

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